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of Woodstock, Out., was born in   Toronto, was born September 19th,

Northumberland County, Out.,   1832, in the township of Reach,

on the 19th of May, 1852. His father was the late Rev. S. Tapscott, Baptist minister. He was educated at Woodstock Seminary and McMaster University. In 188o he was ordained to the ministry of the Baptist Church, and became pastor of the united charge of Stouffi-ille and Markham. Afterwards he accepted the charge of Parliament Street Church, Toronto, and from thence went to Aylmer for fo_ir years. Here the church enjoyed continued and increasing prosperity during his pastorate. Receiving a call to Brampton, he remained there four and a half years, during which time the cause doubled both numerically and financially, and, in 1891, moved to his present charge, Oxford Street, Woodstock. His acceptance of this church involved leaving a more lucrative field, but this he did cheerfully, believing his proper place to be where he was most needed. He was married on August 8th, 1882, to Nellie E., daughter of A. Rowland, London, Out.

Ontario County, Out. He was educated at the public and High schools, where he pre-pared for matriculation in Toronto University. He became a probationer of the Methodist Church in 1873, and in 1877 was ordained, receiving the degree of B.D. from Chatauqua University in 1891. Mr. Dobson spent his early years on a farm, during which time he %vas converted to God, and spent several years as a local preacher, being greatly blessed in his work. He has occupied the following pastoral charges :—Selkirk, County Haldimand, Albion West, Prince Albert, Claremont, and the People's Methodist Church, Toronto. Mr. Dobson has been examiner on the Board for probationers, and has been secretary of Districts, and on Conference committees. He has never aspired to the higher positions in the church, being thoroughly devoted to pastoral and congregational work. He was married June 30th, 1877, to Jennie H., daughter of David Hopper, of Victoria Square.


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