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stock, Out., was born in 185o
-in Caledon township, Peel
Count-. He received his education in
the public school of Blenheim town-
ship, County of Oxford, Dundas High
School, St. Catharines Collegiate Insti-
tute, and after taking the Gilchrist
scholarship, he attended London Uni-
versity. He commenced the study of
law in London, but had to give it
up owing to ill-health. In 18i5 he
elitered the Senlinel newspaper office,
Woodstock, as j unior partner. In 188o
he bouglit out his brother's interest in
the Sentinel, and shortly after this

amalgamated with the Review, his paper now being known as Tie Selrtilael-Revieg. Since Mr. Pattullo took hold of the Senlinel the business has in-creased fourfold. The firm uo%a consists of himself and his nephew, Andrew Laidlaw. Mr. Pattullo is recognised as one of the most able editors west of Toronto. He was president of the Canadian Press Association for i890, i891 and 1892. He is all able platform speaker, and is a power for the Reform party during campaigns. In religion he is a Presbyterian. He was married October 16th, 2889, to Isabel, fourth daughter of R. Balmer, Oakville, Out.


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