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FYFE, D.D., first principal of
the Canadian Literary Insti-
tute, no\\- so favorably known as Wood-
stock College, -was born on the 20th of
October, 1816, in the parish of St.
Philippe, a few miles south of Montreal.
He was of Scotch parentage, and gave
evidence all his life of that virility and
prudence that have characterized the
Scottish Canadian. He was a nlan of
unusual physical and mental robust-
ness. His spiritual nature was «warm,
devout and joyous. Dr. Fyfe in his
college career gave evidence of the
brilliant and useful future before hint.

He received his theological

training at Newton Tlieolo-

gical Seminary. In the

year 1542 lie was ordained

and began -work in the

Ottawa Valley, vC'hicll still

.remembers him «vith grati-

tude. While laboring here

lie organized the Perth

Baptist Church.   Iii the

year 1543 Dr. Fyfe was

married to Jane, daughter

of James Thompson, Esq.,

of Laprairie. In 1844 lie

received a call from the

March Street Church, To-

ronto, ,vbich lie accepted.

From this church have

sprung directly- and indirect-

ly all the many Baptist

clinrches to be found in

Toronto to-day. In ISO

he returned to Perth, having

become dissatisfied with the

ultra rigid views of his

Toronto people. He re-

mained in Perth until t11e

year 1853, when he accept-

ed a call to the Warren

Church, and later in the

same year vx,ent to AIil-

Nvaukee, where he remained two years. He then accepted a call from Bond Street Church, Toronto, -,i-here he labored faithfully until the year 1557, when lie was asked to take charge of the Canadian Literary Institute, Woodstock, which lie was instrumental in founding. He continued principal of the latter institute until his death, -xvliich occurred on the 401 of September, 1S7S. Dr. Fyfe is regarded as the Baptist Apostle of Ontario, and his name will be revered more and more as the doctrines of separation of Church and State, and of religious freedom, are more fully appreciated.


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