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Fast London, Out., was born

in the township of Manvers, County of Durham, on the 4th of September, 1851. He is of English descent, his parents having come from Cornwall, Eng., about forty-seven years ago. His education was commenced at the public schools, and was continued by private study, summer schools and special courses. He was the first Canadian to graduate from The Chautauqua School of Theology, receiving the degree of B.D. in January, i8go. He is a graduate of the C.L.S.C. of the class of 1883, and of the C.'-\-.D. of

i88i. He has also for many years made a special study of the science of geology. Mr. Philp, like mane promineat men of the day, spent his early life on his father's farm. In i869, -\N-lieii in his eighteenth year, lie entered the ministry of the Metliodist Church. Before ordination he travelled the following circuits: Omemee, Millbrook, Nelson and An-caster. He was ordained in 1873, and since that time he has served very acceptabl`> the church at Alanvers, Blvth, Holmesville, Bel-grave, Sparta, Talbotville, St. Thomas Central, Watford and London East, his present charge. He has had a large share of District and Conference honors, and has been for five years Conference treasurer of the Superannuation Fund. He is a strong advocate of temperance principles, and practices and takes a special interest in the Sunday School and Bible Societv

work of the present day. He is a

great student, an earnest hard -worker,

and has been very successful in build-

ing churches and paying off church

debts. He has also been very success-

ful in evangelistic work, frequently

doubling the membership on his

charges. As a pastor his kindness of

heart and brotherly sympatli-v -\N-in for

him a place in the affectioiis of all his

parishioners. As a preacher lie has

few equals in the practical presentation

of the Gospel. Mr. Philp was united

in marriage -\v-ith :Miss Louisa Wright

Bennett, of Copetown, on the 1 ith of

June, 1875.


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