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CLARKE, Congre-
gational clergy-
man, Guelph, Out., was
born on the 31st of March,
1,924, at Coventry, Eng.
His father was the Rev.
Win. Clarke, who founded
the Congregational Church
in London, Out., in 1537,
and was one of the
pioneer iniuisters of Western
Canada. He received his
theological education in
Toronto at the Congrega-
tional College of British
\orth America, and entered
the Ininistry in 1544, -Wheii

he -~vas only twenty years

of age. His first charge

was Burford, Out., after

which lie became pastor of

the Congregational Church   1.71 in London, where he re-

mained about ten years.

While there he was Super-

inteiideiit of Schools for the

city, and secretary of the

County Board of Education.

He subsequently removed

to Guelph and became

pastor of the Congregational

Church, from i86o to 1S72. After this lie was pastor of several churches in Ontario. In 1SSS he retired from the regular settled ministry. He has for many years been prominent in the proinotion of agriculture, having been for thirty- years a constant contributor to the Agricultural and Horticultural Departments of the Montreal II'itness. He also founded the Canada Fai-mcr, Ontario Farmer, and Rural Canadian, and was editor of The Anzerz*can -gee Journal of Chicago for two years. For twenty years he has been a constant contributor to the latter and to other journals. He is the founder of the

Guelph Agricultural College, and has recently founded the Ontario Bee-Keeper's College. 1Ir. Clarke is also contributor to several of the leading journals in Canada and the United States. He possesses extensive know-ledge of the leading questions of the day, and is a writer of great versatility and power, still retaining his strength and vigor, and bids fair to spend many more years in helping his fellows in the many ways for which he is so eminently fitted. He was married in 1844 to Mary Ann, daughter of the late Rev. William Lyle, a minister of the Primitive Methodist Church.



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