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artist, 54 Toronto Arcade,
Toronto, son of William and Eliza
McBrien Sherwood, was born on the
ist August, iS59, at Onlenlee, Victoria
County, Ontario. He was educated at
the public and Grammar schools, and
from childhood showed great aptitude
for sketching, etc. At the age of four-
teen he began the study of art, and
after a time entered the Pennsylvania
Academy of Fine Arts at Philadelphia.
In zSS4 he returned to Canada and
opened a studio in Toronto, where he
has been most successful as a portrait,
animal and genre painter. In 1884 he

was elected as a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, and is one of the most energetic of the Executive Council. He organized the Central Ontario School of Art, and is very active in proinotiiig the study of art in Canada. He is generally known as the " Poet Artist." " Otoroiiton " and " Loretto " are among his best productions. He is the author of the poem " bake Couchouching," which appears in " Songs of the Great Dominion." He has produced several dialectic poems. His productions are pervaded «•ith a spirit of Canadian nationalism. He is a member of the Episcopal Church.


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