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Out., was born in Perth, County
of Lanark, in the year I S45.
His parents were natives of Perthshire,
Scotland, and came to Canada in I S21.
He received his education at the public
school and at Perth High School. His
early life was spent on a farm, and,
with a view of going into stock farming,
lie took a course in agriculture at the
Toronto University, and was among
the first who obtained the diploma
of the Ontario Veterinary College,
Toronto. In zS67 Mr. Mc\ee married
Aliss Isabella Campbell, of Lanark
County, whose parents came from

Argylsliire, Scotland. In ISi4 he removed to Winnipeg, and for a number of years was License Inspector for the Province of Alanitoba. Having a strong inclination for newspaper Avork, lie joined the staff of the Winnipeg Fire Press. and for a period of years represented that paper in the Parliamentary Press Gallery at Ottawa. He was president of the Gallery in iSS5. He -xvas a member of the Winnipeg Council for several years, and also for a number of years a member of the Public School Board. During the boom in Winnipeg- he operated in real estate, in which he «-as fairly successful. For some considerable time lie was managing editor of the Free Press. In the year 1 SSS he severed his connection -with that paper and purchased the Iheck1v Record in Windsor, Out., where lie has remained since. In i890 he commenced the publica-

tion of the F_z,ei 11gRccord. In politics

Mr. Mc\ee is a Liberal, although not

a partizan. He is a thorough Canadian,

believing in Canadian Independence,

and that her political and commercial

course should be shaped so as to secure

her own best interests. In religion he

is a Baptist, and holds the office of

deacon and Sunday School superinten-

dent.   He is also president of the

Windsor branch of the Young lien's

Christian Association, and is interested

in all matters pertaining to the moral

and religious welfare of the comnnuiity.

He is a public-spirited citizen, and is

highly respected by all classes.


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