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KILROY, D.D., of
. Stratford, Out.,
was born on the 30th of
November, IS30, in Ireland.
His parents came to Canada
in the year IS36 and settled
near Windsor, Out. At the
age of fifteen lie entered the
University- of Notre-Dame,
Indiana, to prosecute his
theological studies, and gra-
duated in 18J3 with honors.
He then continued his

studies until zS54, when he

was ordained priest. From

1854 to zS56 he was one of

the best known inissioiiarN-

priests in Northern Indiana

and Southern Michigan. In

iS56 he received the ap-

pointment of president of

the University of Saint

Mary's of the Lake, Chicago,

Illinois, where lie remained

two years. He was then

made pastor of the church

in Laporte, Indiana, and

soon after transferred to the

city of Lafayette, oiie of the

most important parishes in

the diocese of Fort Wayne,

where he remained till iS64. He was then transferred to the mission of Sarnia, Out., and from that time until the present has been actively engaged in mission work in the diocese of London, during which time he has been pastor of Sarnia, St. Mary's, rector of London Cathedral, and parish priest of Stratford. During the American Civil War Father Kilroy was appointed special agent of the State of Indiana to look after the wounded belonging to that State in the armies of the Cumber-land, Mississippi and Potomac. This appointment gave him an opportunity of ministering to the spiritual wants of

hundreds of Roman Catholic soldiers who otherwise must have died without the rites of their religion. He visited Europe in z S 7 6 and IS-7, travelling through England, Ireland, Spain, France and Italy, in company with the Right Rev. Bishop Walsh, of London. During his stay in Rome he received his degree of D.D. from the College of the Propaganda. Dr. Kilroy is one of the best known Catholic priests in Ontario. He is an eloquent preacher, an able lecturer, and a faithful pastor. His life has been marked by toil and sacrifice for others, and he will long be remembered by what he has done.


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