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W. T. McMullen, D.D., pastor

G, of Knox Church Woodstock, Out., was born on the 9th January-, 1831, in the North of Ireland. He is a brother of James McMullen, M.P. for North Wellington. The subject of our sketch studied in Knot College under Prof. Esson, Geo. Paxton Young, and Dr. Willis. He graduated in the year i856, and was ordained at Millbank on the 5th of November of the same rear. He was married the following year to Miss Susanna Gilbert, of Toronto. In the year iS6o he accepted a call in Woodstock, -vliere lie has remained since. Dr. DIc-Mullen has always taken an active part in the discussion of the public questions of the dad-, having a most intelligent grasp of all such hatters. In i S82 he pre-sided at a Conference in the Parliament House, Toronto, representing four Anglican

Synods, two Conferences of the Methodist Church, and two Synods of the Presbyteriaii Church, con'-ened to press the matter of the reading of the Scriptures in the public schools on the attention of the Government. He introduced the deputation and addressed the Premier on this occasion, and the movement resulted in the introduction of the Book of Scripture Readings now in use. Dr. McMullen has been Moderator of the Synod of Hamilton and London, and has been Clerk of Paris Presbytery since October, 1878- In the year iSSS he was chosen by acclamation Moderator of the General As-

sembly of the Presbyterian Cliurch in Canada at Halifax. To show with what efficiency- and satisfaction to the church he filled this honorable position, we quote a few lines from the Presbyterian Rz,,iew, of June, iSS9 : " By common consent Dr. McMullen has made a most efficient, dignified and courteous Moderator." He received the degree of D.D. from Knox College in the year iSS9. Early in the same rear he presided at one of the sessions of a Conference on Christian Unity held in Toronto, representing the Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian churches of the Dominion.


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