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NIEN Cat' C:ANTA DA.   331

CHASE, Sarnia, Ont., heredi-
tary Chief of the Ojibway
tribe of Indians, president of the Grand
Council, and missionary of the Colonial
and Continental Chnreh Society at
Alunceytown, Out., Canada, was born
at Belleville in the rear 1815. He re-
ceived his early educational training at
the mission school of his birthplace,
and afterwards attended Genesee Col-
lege, New Fork State, froln which in-
stitution he graduated in iS39. He
was appointed to the Civil Service by
Lord Metcalfe, as interpreter to the
Indians on the frontier in 1843. He

remained in this position

for the long period of twenty

years, and was created lieu-

tenant in the service, mak-

ing his complete term of

service on the borders cover

forty-seven years. 'Mr. Chase

was married in the year

1S-2 to Miss Annie G.

Arlilour. He was ordained

in the year 1863 by the first

Bishop of Huron, and has

remained in Sarnia since

that time. He is now living

retired there. Upon the

Prince of Wales' visit to

Sarnia in the year 1S6o,

Air. Chase had the honor of

reading the Indians' address

to him, and, in return, the

Prince conferred upon him

the Oueen's medal, as shown

in his portrait on this page.

He has been in England

four tinges, and on each oc-

casion was zvarngly received

and treated royally. On

July zst, 1SS,-, the Lord

..   MaN or of London received

him at luncheon at the

Mansion House, where fol-

lowed cordial addresses from Sir Charles Tupper, Sir T. F. Buxton, Rev. J. A. Bailey, chaplain of the Foundling Hospital, and others. He was also -warmly received by the Prince and Princess of AN-ales on this visit. Mr. Chase is not only a very gnuch respected Indian chief, but has been a devoted missionarv, and has done much for the elevation and Christianization of the aborigines of Canada. He had their cause at heart, and so earnest was he that he never failed to excite syngpathy for them, wherever he was privileged to preach the Gospel. He is 11ONv in his 74th rear, and retains much of the spirit of his earlier days.


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