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CHAS. R. ROSS, Niagara Falls
South, Out., was born Jule 8th,
z) iStS, at AIetucheti, New
Jersey, U.S.A. His education was re-
ceived at the public school of that place
and by private study. He lived on his
father's farm until fourteen rears of
age, -vhen he came to Drturnmondville,
Out., to live «•ith his brother, «-ith
whom lie was associated in business
for twelve years. In 1847 he accepted
an appointment of the American Tract
Society and Arent to Virginia, where he
was engaged in the work of colportage.
He was an earnest Christian young
man, and this work was much more

congenial to hint than business life. For thirty rears he visited Sundav schools and families, distributing Bibles, boobs and tracts. During the American war he was in labors abundant, at-tending to the sick and dving soldiers, conducting religious services and adininistering spiritual consolation to the inmates of the hospitals. Failing health compelled hint to give up the 1vork, and he returned to Canada to make his home «°ith his brother Alan-son, Who died in iSS5, since -vliich time he has lived a quiet, retired life with his sister. Mr. Ross is a Methodist, and is highly respected.


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