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MEREDITH, one of the

tO—' Justices of the Supreme Court of Judicature for Ontario, of London, Canada, was born there March 27th, 1847- He is the fourth son of

the late John Walsingham Cooke Meredith, who was a B.A. of Trinity College, Dublin, and studied for the Bar in Ireland. Our subject received his education at the private schools of Rev. Charles P. Watson and Rev. T. D. Luard, :ALA., London. In iS64, at the age of seventeen, he began the study of law under his eldest brother,"'. R. Meredith. Soon after this he entered

the military school, and was one of the first that graduated and received a commission. He served during the Fenian Raid oil the frontier at Windsor, and in all the encampments which followed until the war feeling had subsided. He then resumed his law studies, and was admitted to the Bar in IS69. He at once entered into practice with his brother Ednnmd, and continued with hiin until he received his present appointment. He has always been firmly devoted to the study and practice of his profession. In politics Mr. Meredith was a Conservative, and in religion is an Episcopalian. He never inarried.


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