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of Emerald Street Methodist
Church, Hamilton, Out.,
was born at Einbro, Out., on the 21st
of October, IS48. He received his
education in the public schools of his
native place and Albert University,
Belleville. At the age of 21 he was
converted and joined the Methodist
Episcopal Church, and from that time
began to preach the Gospel. The
church, recognizing his gifts and graces,
granted liini a local preaclier's license.
For a year before joining the Annual
Conference, he preached on the Mala-
hide Circuit. In IS7i he joined the

Niagara Conference, was ordained

deacon in the year IS73 by the late

Bishop Richardson, and ordained elder

in 18i5 by Bishop Carman. Mr. Lay-

cock travelled successively the follow-

ing circuits: -\Iouiit Elgin, Nissouri,

Leamington, Bothwell and Florence,

St. Clair, Glencoe, Wallaceburg, Essex

Centre, Chatham, London North, and

Park Hill, before the union. Since

that event he has served the church at

Ingersoll, Waterford, and his present

charge. He has held important posi-

tions in connection with the church,

leaving been journal secretary of the

Niagara Conference for eight Sears before the union, and leaving held the same position ill the Conference since. He has also been financial secretary of Districts. Mr. Laycock has built a goodly number of churches during his ministry, and at this writing (189 1) lie has under-taken the erection of a church in the eastern part of the city of Hamilton, to be known as the "John Wesley Memorial Church." The lecture platform is often occupied by him, and lie is a frequent contributor to current literature. During his ministry he has been blessed with numerous revivals, hundreds of souls having been converted, and among them a goodly rituiiber Who are now preaching the Gospel. Mr. Laycock was married on the i5th of April, TS 79, to Miss Annetta Marie Dolson, daughter of Gilbert H. Dolsoii, of Chatham, Out., a lady of culture and re-fill Ptlletlt_


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