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Out., was born at Picton, Prince

County, on the 25th of July, 1849. He began his education at the public schools and completed it at the High School of Owen Sound. In 1865 he began an apprenticeship of three years to the hardware business with G. Al. Buchart, and in 1868 took the management of the establishment as foreman, which position he ably filled. In 1874 he became partner, which partnership continued until 1579, when a new business was started under the name of Redfern and bepan, which still continues. The firm does an extensive business, both wholesale and retail, and is well known to be the shelf and heavy hardware house of that section of country. Mr. Redfern was alderman in 1889, a member of the council of the Board of Trade for three years, and one of the first directors of the Owen Sound Building and Saving Society. He is in religion a Methodist, in politics a Conservative, and a Master Mason.

He was married oil the 27th December,

WILLIAM HENRY PORTER, b.D.S.,   1876, to Jane, eldest daughter of E.

Bradford, Out., was born February   Ferguson, Ireland.

27th, 1837, in Dublin, Ireland, and was brought to Canada in his infancy. He was educated at the public schools in Canada, and afterwards learned the carpenter trade. In iS6o he entered the dental office of N. P. Peck, Newmarket, and in 1868 was granted a license by the newl} organized Dental Board. For thirty years he has practiced in Bradford and Simcoe County. His son, Fred. R. Porter, D.D.S., a graduate of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and Toronto University, has now succeeded Dr. Porter, and carries on his father's business. He is a member of the Methodist Church, and is a Mason of high standing, being P.'-\[. and Past First Principal, and Past Grand Superintendent of Royal Arch Masons, Knight Templar, 18th degree Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Provincial G.M. 95th degree Egyptian Rite, P. Inspector-General of Cryptice Masonry, also Past District Deputy of the A.O.U.W., and is also Past Deputy Grand Commander of the Select Knights. Dr. Porter married, in 1866, Mary, daughter cf Capt. R. B. C. Playter, Holland's Landing, Ont.

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