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I.A., Principal of Woodstock
College, was born on the 1 th of June,
iSJ9, at Whitby, Ont. He received his
education at the public schools and
Collegiate Institute there, matriculat-
ing into Toronto University in IS76.
He was then engaged as teacher in the
Collegiate Institute, Whitby, remaining
there four years, at the end of -,vhich
time he was graduated B.A. at Toronto
University-, -\N-inning the Gilchrist
Scholarship of London (England) Uni-
versity. He was then appointed House-
Master of Pickering College, which
position he filled one year, when he

was appointed Principal. Mr. Huston was married December 25th, 1882, to Miss Taylor, Foothill. In 1SS6 he was appointed First English Master of Toronto Collegiate Institute, continuing there until 1889, when he accepted his present position. From iSS5 to 1889 he was secretary of the Industrial School, Toronto. He is active in the work of religious and moral reform. He was brought up an Episcopalian, but is now a loyal Baptist. The college over which Mr. Huston presides is most complete, and has what is very unusual in Canadian institutes of learning, a workshop connected Nvith it.


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