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Maloney, Markdale, Ont.,

youngest son of David

Maloney, of Acton, Halton County, was born on the 23rd of February, 1867, at Acton, Ont. He received his preliminary education at the public schools, and afterwards attended a college taught by Father Fleck, S.I., at Guelph. In ISS3 he went to St. Jerome College, Berlin, Ont., where he studied rhetoric, and afterwards studied philosophy in St. Michael's College,

Toronto. In iSS6 lie entered the Seminar- of the Sulpicians, :Montreal, for the study of theology, and took the

degree of S.T.L. Ili the summer of zSS9 Father Maloney was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Fabre, of 'Montreal, and immediately after was appointed curate of the church at Arthur, Ont. Leaving there lie was sent to the widely extended mission of Priceville, which embraces the charges of Priceville, Glenelg, Durham,'Ielancthon, Dundalk and Osprey. Father Maloney is a member of the C.M.B. A. That lie is one of the most laborious clergymen in the diocese, is evident from the large number of stations under his pastoral care, and the prosperity enjoyed by each.


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