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William Lowell, Niagara Falls, Ont., was born on the 16th of February, 1811, in the village of St. David's, to« reship of Niagara Couirty of Lincoln, Ont. His father died about the close of the war of 1512 to 1515, when William was four years of age. Owing to the general devastation of homes, his mother teas left \i-ith exceedingly slender means, but man-aged, with great industry and economy, to give her son a fair business education. When fourteen years of age he entered mercantile life as a clerk ill the town of Niagara, and afterwards served for some time in the same capacity- in

St. Catharines. About 182S

lie went to the London dis-

trict, but returned to Drum-

mondville, now the village

of Niagara Falls, in 1531,

and there commenced the

general store business, in

which he continued until

i86o. During these years

his business extended, and

was very successful. Since

his retirement from the dry

goods business, he has been

dealing in securities, etc.

In 1842 Mr. Lowell «-as ap-

pointed a Justice of the

Peace, and for several rears

discharged the duties of his

office with great efficiency.

He was a Reformer of the

old school, and loved to as-

sociate his flame with that

of the late Hon. Robert

Baldwin acid the prominent

politicians of that day.

During later years he did

not take an active part in

politics.   Mr. LoNv-ell «-as

in religion a staunch Pres-

byterian, and in 1SS7 built

a church for that contgrega-

tion, assuming the entire expense, which generous act was highly appreciated by the church. This deed of love appeared to be ordained as the finale of his kindly life, as he died very shortly after this, passing away on the 16th of March, 1888, and was buried in Drummond Hill Cemetery. His whole career was marked by an honest and diligent performance of whatever his hands found to do, and, in passing away, he left a memory to be cherished by those ti-ho knew him best. Mr. Lowell was married in 1834 to Mary, daughter of Christian and Mary McCarthy Zat-itz,tvhowere both natives of the State of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


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