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;, M.A., Rural

. Dean, Stratford, Ont., was born in the year 1826, near Pertli, County of Lanark. His father came to Canada in 1S14 with the 37th Regiment Foot, and took part in the struggle then going on with the United States. He after-wards settled in Pertli, where the subject of our sketch received his education at the public and Gram-mar schools. He afterwards studied theology at the Diocesan Theological College, Cobourg, which was tinder the management of Rey-. Dr. Bethttute, late bishop of Toronto. While in attendance at this institution, lie carried off the Kent testimonial prize in 1549. In that rear lie Avas ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Strachant, and was appointed curate of Cobourg. In 1550 he was ordained priest and constituted missionary at Ports-

mouth and Wolfe Island, Fronntenac Count-. In 1S5i he was transferred to the pastorate of St. James Church, Stratford, where lie at once removed, and has been incumbent there since that time. Subsequently lie was made Rural Dean of the County of Perth by Bishop Hellmuth. On the 22nd of February, zSS7, lie received the appointment, from the Bishop of Huron, of Canon of the Diocesan Cathedral, London, to succeed the late Rey-. Dr. Townley. 'Ir. Patterson is an earliest churchman, an energetic Avorker and an eloquent and able preacher. He also takes an active interest in all

matters pertaining to the welfare of Stratford. He was for malty years cliairmaii of the Grammar School Board, and of the County Board of Public Instruction for granting teachers certificates. He also received from the Board of Education the appointment of Public School Inspector for the town of Stratford, which position he resigned in 1S7 2 owing to the pressure of his parochial work. He was also repeatedly appointed by the Council Local Superintendent of Schools for several town-ships. 'Ir. Patterson married, in 1832, Jane titi auchope, youngest daughter of Donald 'Mackenzie, Esq., of Ottawa.



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