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REV. GEO. W.M Henderson
pastor of Wellington Street
Methodist Church, London,
Ont., was born on the 12th of May,
185 j, at Sparta, County of Elgin, Out.
He received his primary education at
the public schools, and after-wards con-
tinued his studies at Montreal Theolo-
gical College and McGill University.
In early life he worked on his father's
farm. Mr. Henderson's early training
was that of a Presbyterian, but, at the
age of seventeen, he was converted in a
Methodist Church, and united -with that
denomination. In the year 1, 73 he
was given a local preacher's license,

and preached in that capacity for nearly
two years. In IS7 j lie was admitted
as a probationer in the London Con-
ference. While on probation, lie spent
two years serving the church at West-
minster, and one year at London 'North,
and the balance of his probationary
term being spent at college. He was
ordained in 1SS1, the Rev. John Wake-
field being president of the Conference.
Immediately after ordination lie was
sent to the First Church, Hamilton, as
assistant to 1\rr. Wakefield. Since that
time lie has been pastor of the follow-
ing stations : Hamilton, Cliathani, Lou-
don Oueeri's Park, Dresden and his
present charge. He was
journal secretary of the

London Conference for t«-o
years after the union of the
Methodist churches. He
has been assistant secretary
of his Conference, secretary
of Districts, and has been
fire years in succession Dis-
trict financial secretary. He
has for years taken an active
part in the «work of the
Bible Society, and has al-
ways been an active tem-
perance worker. 'Mr. Hen-
derson is a faithful pastor
and a successful preacher of
the Gospel, and has risen,
very early in life, to a fore-
most position in the work
to which he has devoted
himself. He has been
twice inarried—first, on the
11th of Alay, 1SS2, to Miss
Emma Hunt, of Westmins-
ter township, who died in
June, iS86, and, on the 20th
of June, iSSS, lie was
again united in marriage
to 1\Iiss Grace Rothwell, of
Chatham. He has two chil-
dren, a son and a dativhter.


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