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NIE OP CANAL)-A.   313


major in the Infantry School

Corps, was born May 16th, 1843, at Chatham, Kent. His father was Alexander Thomas Emeric Vidal, a rice-admiral in the Roval havv, and his mother a dattghter of the late Henry Veitch, for ivany years H.B.-M.'s Cottsul-General in Madeira. Major Vidal was educated by private tutors, and at Trinity College School, Toronto. He was admitted as student-at-law in 156o, and was called to the Bar of Ontario ill 1S72. He entered the militia of Canada as ensign in the 3rd Battalion, Lamb-ton, in 1S6o, and in May, 1862, lie joined the British army as

ensign, became a lieutenant in the 4th Regiment of hoot in 1564, serving «-ith that regiiuent in the Mediterranean, India, Abyssinia etc. He was pr,sent at the action of Arogie and cap-tore of Magdala. Retiring from the British army he at once re-entered the Canadian militia as captain of the nth Battalion Fusiliers, London. In 1582 he be-came a regimental major in the 12th Battalion, from which corps lie was transferred to the permanent ittfantry. Major Vidal is in politics a Conservative, and in religion an Episcopalian. He was married in January, i569, to Kate .Alen, who died in x884, leaving a son and a dattghter. Charles Enteric Kerr, the son, was educated at Upper Canada College, and at St. John and Halifax Hio -11 Schools. He inatriculated in medicine at Bishop's College, Lettitoxville, in 1S85, entered

the militia of Canada before his sixteenth rear as second lieutenant of the 6th Fusiliers, and in 1857 became lieutenant, and captain in 1SS9. Having transferred to the Ulm-ersity of Toronto, he graduated as A1.13). ill jSS9, and then took a post-graduate course at his old college, obtaining the degree of M.D., and the gold medal for highest marks in March, i89o, and innnediatelp was appointed a House Surgeon of the Montreal General Hospital, «hich position he now holds. Major Vidal is one of the few Canadians who, haying served in the Imperial Army, has taken an active interest ill the Canadian ntilitia.


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