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D.D., Chalmers Church, Elora,
r, Out., was born in the year
1823 at Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland.
He received his education at Duns
public school under Mr. Mercer; and,
after a full arts course in Edinburgh
University, studied theology under Dr.
Thomas Chalmers, then at the head of
New College, Edinburgh. He -\vas also
trained as a teacher in the Normal
School of that city. His father dying
when he was only three months old, he
became the care of his mother's father
and brother until lie entered the univer-
sity at the age of fifteen. At sixteen

he was appointed tutor to the late
James Clerk TNIaxwell, the distinguished
physicist. During his university course
he took a high place in mental science,
mathematics and natural philosophy.
After his first session at the university
he maintained himself and paid all the
expenses of his education by private
teaching. He was licensed as a preacher
in 1549, and after laboring some time
as assistant to ministers in delicate
health, he came to Canada in 1S55, and
has ever since ministered to the con-
gregation of Chalmers Church, Elora.
In iS58 Mr. Dliddlemiss was appointed
clerk of the Presbytery of Hamilton ;
and when the Presbytery
of Guelph was formed, on
the occasion of the union
of the Free and United
Presbyterian churches in
1561, he was appointed
clerk, and held the office
until 1569, when he re-
signed. In the General
Assembly he has from time
to time spoken v-cry effec-
tively in cases of general
interest, but ,vill be remem-
bered chiefly for his services
as convener of the commit-
tee on" The Aged and Infirm
Ministers Fund," from 1877
to 1SSj. He received the
degree of D. D. in iSS6
from Knox College, Toronto.
Dr. Aliddlemiss is one of
the most scholarly men in
the Presbyterian Church,
is a literary man of high
standing and has published
pamphlets on " The Evi-
deuces," on " Calvinistic
Doctrine," etc., besides con-
tributing to the church
papers. He was married in
iS55 to Mary, daughter of
Capt. Duncan Menzies, R.N.

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