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the County of Huron, Gode-
rich, Out., was born on the
24th of December, iS1i, in the city of
Glasgow, Scotland. He received his
early education in the private schools
of that great commercial city, and came
with his parents to Canada in the year
182o. He worked on his father's farm
in the County of Lanark until he was
twenty years of age, and then settled
on a farm for himself near the town of
Goderich. He continued farming, ill
addition to engaging ill the cattle trade,
until the year iS67, when he was elect-
ed to the first Ontario Local Legislature

after Confederation had been completed. He was again re-elected ill 1871, and sat in the Legislature for two rears. He resigned in July, 18i3, and in November of the saine year was appointed to his present position as Sheriff of the County of Huron. Mr. Gibbons was reeve of Goderich for the long period of nineteen years, was mayor three years, and for thirteen consecutive years was warden of the County of Huron. He was a member of the Provincial Board of Agriculture for nine years, and president one year of his term, following the Hon. I). Christie. Iii 1837 lie was at the front as sergeant

under Colonel Dunlop, and

was afterwards gaietted en-

sign and lieutenant in the

militia. Sheriff Gibbons is


honest, upright and

thoroughly reliable man in

all the relations of private

life, and a highly efficient

officer. He enjoys in his

old age the esteem of all

parties and creeds, and is

still hale and heart-,-. The

Sheriff has enjoyed a long

life, which has been full of

that «,Bich is worthy of perusal and emulation, and his history stands on these pages as a matter -,%•hich may be studied with interest and profit by those who desire to make life a success. He is all adherent of the Presbvterian Church of Canada. Mr. Gibbons -,vas t«-ice iiiarried—first, on the 22nd of November, 1535, to Miss Jane Wilson, and again, in the year iSSo, to Mrs. Alice Roddv, -krlio died in iSSS. Of a family of five, one son and a daughter have passed away.


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