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NREV. W. R. HARRIS, B.D., Dean of St. Catharines, was born on the 3rd of March, 1847, in Cork, Ireland. At an early age he came to Canada with his parents and entered St. Michael's College, Toronto, where he finished his classical course. He then went to Ste. Anne's Seminary, Quebec, to complete a course of meta-physics and philosophy. In 1869 he was appointed secretary to His Grace the Archbishop of Toronto, whom he accompanied to Rome whets sunuluoned to attend the Ecumenical Council. There he entered the College of the Propaganda, where he finished his theological course and took

the degree of B.D., and in 1870 was ordained priest. Before returning to Canada he visited the principal cities of Europe. On his return to Canada, he continued for some time as secretary- to His Grace, and, in recoginition of his services, was appointed to the rectorship of Adjala. Under his pastorate a new church was erected, and man- improvements were made ill the parish. In 1575 he was appointed to the rectorship of St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto. Owing to ill-health and pressure of hard work, lie was compelled to resign the rectorship of the Cathedral, when he removed to the parish of Newmarket, where he remained eight rears. Here, as ill other places, the work of the Church progressed under his charge, and great improveiiients were made. Having regained his health, he was again selected to

fill one of the most important positions in the archdiocese, acid was appointed to the parish of St. Catharines and Dean of Niagara Peninsula, which position lie still holds with great credit to himself, and to the advantage, both spiritually and temporally, of those over whom he has been so wisely placed. He takes a deep interest ill popular education, and was president of the Association of Mechanics' Institute of Ontario for the years 1585 and 1856. He was elected on both occasions by acclamation, and was the first Roman Catholic that occupied that position in the province.


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