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Thomas B. GILLARD, Wallaceurg, Out., was born in Hampton, County of Durham, Canada, in 1845. He received a good common school education, and, at the age of twenty--one, lie engaged ill the lumbering business in the township of Logan, County of Perth. He next engaged ill the printing and publishing business in St. Alary's, which venture proved a failure and he lost everything. He then moved to Wallaceburg in IS70, where he now, as the senior member of the firm of Gillard & Riddell, carries on a large and successful lumbering banking and real estate business. They

are also engaged ill the shipping trade. Mr. Gillard married, in 1875, Miss Elva Isa \laedougall, daughter of Lachlan A. 'Macdougall. He has a family of one son and two daughters. He is a public-spirited citizen, and has held high public offices in the town and county, which he has always filled with credit to himself and advantage to the public. He has been reeve of Wallace-burg six years and warden of Kent County, vice-president of the Liberal-Conservative Association of Kent and Bothwell. He is a member of Pythian Lodge, llarmion No. S, and also of the I.O.O.F.



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