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HARRY BONIS, B.A., Head Master of

Grimsby High School, was born. in

UA the township of Usborne, Huron County, Out., ill 1861, He was educated at St. Mary's Collegiate Institute, and afterwards entered University College, Toronto in 1879, gaining a scholarship in general proficiency at the University- Matriculation Examination of that year. After spending two years at the University, lie began farming in the County of Perth, but finally resumed study, and graduated with honors in Classics in 1887. After spending a short time at the -Normal Training School in Strathroy, he entered upon the profession of teaching as Classical Master in the High School at Orangeville. After spending two years there, he received and accepted the important appointment of Head 'Master of the Grimsby High School, -,vhich he still retains, and in Nvhicll he has been most successful. He is making rapid strides towards the head of his profession, and judging from his past record, he will reach a first place quite early- in life.   In religion


T\ second son of Robert Ralston,   England.

Esq., Hamilton, Out., was

horn in that city October 12th, 1864. He received his education at the Chestnut Academy, Iamilton, afterwards at the Rockwood Acadenly, near Guelph, and finally at the Canada Business College, Hamilton. In 188o, when only sixteen years of age, he left college and served four years in the dry goods business to gain a thoroughly practical experience. In 1884 he left for Michigan, where he remained until 1886 engaged in mercantile pursuits, and then returned to Hamilton, where he commenced the real estate business. In 1890 he entered into partnership with O. A. Horning as real estate brokers under the style of Horning & Ralston. They now have a very large connection both in the city and beyond, and do a large business in the transfer of city- and farm properties. In religion AIr. Ralston is a Presbyterian and in politics a Reformer. He was appointed in 1890 an issuer of marriage licenses. He was married on the 18th of December, 1889, to jessamine Gordon, eldest daughter of P. C. Allan, Toronto.




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