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architect, 20 King street West,
Toronto, was born on the
25th January, iS56, at Dovercourt,"
Toronto. He is a son of the late
Colonel Richard Denison and Maria
Hepburne Denison. His father was
an English officer, and his mother was
a native of Edinburgh, Scotland. The
subject of our sketch received his edu-
cation at the Upper Canada College,
Toronto. He afterwards attended a
military school for one year. In the
year IS72 he began the study of
architecture with the late John G.
Howard, and subsequently with Walter

R. Strickland and Joseph

Connolly. In iSSo lie be-

came a partner in the firm

of James cC Co., which part-

nership existed for two

years, at which time lie

began business on his mvii

account. In 18S3 he en-

tered into partnership -,vith

George A. Stewart, the firm

being known as Stewart &

Denison, architects and stir-

veyors. In addition to the

office in Toronto, they also

had a branch office in Win-

ttipeg, Alan. In iSS5 Mr.

Stewart received the ap-

pointment of Government

Engineer at Banff, N.W.T.,

and the partnership was

dissolved. In i8go he en-

tered into partnership with

Will. King, the firm being

known as Denison & King.

Mr. Denison has built many

of the chief public and pri-

vate buildings in the city of

Toronto. He is architect

for the Dominion Govern-

ment for Toronto district,

and he is also architect for

the Board of Police and the Free Library Board. For four years he was a member of the Public School Board, Toronto, and also a member of the Toronto Board of Health. In religion AIr. Denison is a member of the Church of England, and in politics is a Conservative. He is a member of the Masonic Brotherhood, and also of the Sons of England. He was married on the i5th of June, iMi, to 'Miss Helen Louisa Stewart, daughter of G. A. Stewart, Government Engineer, Banff, N.W.T. Mr. Denison is making rapid progress in his profession, and is evidently destined to take a leading position.


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