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Mitchell, Ont., was born on the 21st of November, 1842, at Tyrone, County of Durham, Out. He received such an education as the public schools of his day afforded, and after-wards prosecuted study by himself. He worked on his father's farin -until eighteen years of age, when he went to work at the lumber business in a saw-mill. In i 865 he was converted, and almost immediately felt called to the sacred niinistrv. The church, recognizing leis gifts and graces, gave him a license as a local preacher. In 1867 he joined the New Connexion Conference on probation. He successfully passed his examinations with honors and was ordained in 1871 at Owen Sound. Before ordination lie travelled the following circuits :—Millbrook, Erin

and Waterford bein two


years at the latter place.

Since ordination he his ministered to the churches at Milford, Goderich, Harmony, Bayham, Hespeler, Berlin, Lucknow, Listowel and Mitchell, his present charge. Previous to the union of the Methodist churches, '\Ir. Nugent was secretary of District in the New Connexion Church, and since the union has been chairman of District, and also financial secretary of District for a plumber of years. He has been a member of the Stationing Committee continuously since 1886, and was a member of the General Conference of 18go. Mr. Nugent has been twice married—first, on June 1701, 1871, to

Miss Anna Graham, of Bethany, and again, oil May 13th, 18gi, to Aliss Celina Grahann, his first wife's sister. He is a pronounced temperance advocate, is a member of the society- of the Sons of Temperance, and was Deputy Grand Worthy Patriarch for several years. At the Guelph Conference in 1891 he was elected to represent the Conference at the World's Temperance Convention to be held in Chicago in 1892. He is energetic in all church work, is a sound preacher, and is be-loved by his people. He has a family of five children—two sons and three daughters.


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