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MIEN OF' CANAL)-k.   297

JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, retired railway contractor and exrr   mayor of Clinton, Out., was born in 1814 at Guisbro, Yorkshire, England. Mr. Whitehead had few ad-vantages of education, having been sent to wort: at a very early age. He was at first employed on a railway, and was fireman on the first engine that ever ran. That ivas the historic engine designed by George Stephenson, which made its first run on the Stockton and Darlington Railroad on the 27th of September, 1825. 1\Ir. Whitehead left England for Scotland in 1846, having a contract with the Caledonian Railway,

and then came to Canada in 1849, when he was engaged in the construction of the G.W.R. He built a section of the road west of Copetown, and another west of London. In 1853 he contracted for the building of the Buffalo, Brant-ford and Goderich Railroad. The company failing, work was suspended until a new company Nvas formed under a special act of parliament, and Mr. Whitehead given the contract for the road from Buffalo to Goderich. At Confederation, in 1867, he was elected to parliament and represented North Huron five vears. He then spent nine years in Manitoba, and built sixty-four

miles of road from the

national boundary to Win-

nipeg, and twenty-two miles

from Winnipeg to Selkirk.

In 1877 he took the contract

to furnish and lay the ties f..   and ballast the road from

Selkirk to Cross Lake, and

for the construction of the

road from Cross Lake to

Rat Portage. Having had

the honor of being engaged

on the first locomotive run

in England, he took the

first engine into Manitoba

in 1878, taking it by boat

from F'isher's Landing down

the Red River to St. Boni-

face. Mr. -hitehead was


the first reeve of Clinton,

and held the office ten years.

He is the only surviving

member of the first town

council. He was mayor

three years, declining to

serve longer. In religion he is a Methodist. He has been married three times. By his first wife lie had six children, -~vho are now occupying important professional positions.


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