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296   MEN OF CA-NA-DA.

REV. J. S. WILLIASON, Oakville, Ont.

an ex-president

of Niagara Conference, was

born July 3rd, 1842, in the   i township of Darlington,

Durham County. He re-

ceived his education at the

public school of Ontario

and at Albert College, Belle-

ville. He was converted in

1856 and immediately united

with the M. E. Church. In

1565 he was licensed as a

local preacher and appointed

by Bishop Smith to preach

on a circuit under Dr.

Webster as presiding elder.

He was ordained deacon at

Lambeth in iS67 by Bishop Richardson, and ordained

elder at London in iS69 by

Bishop Smith. Previous to

being ordained elder, he

travelled the following cir-

cuits : Brant, Ingersoll, Yar-

mouth and Seaforth. Since

that time he has served,

with great acceptability, the

church at London, Hamil-

ton, Brantford, Hamilton

again, serving the same

church eight years in all, Norwich, Paris and Oakville, his present charge. In 1882 he was appointed presiding elder of Hamilton District, which position he held until the Methodist union in 1584. Since the union he has been chairman of the Norwich, Brantford and Milton districts, was president Niagara Conference for iSS9, was secretary in iSS6, and has been a member of every General Conference since he became eligible for election. He has been a member of the Board of Alma College since its inception, is a member of the General Conference Special Committee, Superannuation Board and

General Board of Missions. He was also minute secretary of the Provincial Sundav School Association in 1S75-Mr. Williamson is an earnest and able preacher, an energetic and successful pastor, and an efficient church official. In addition to his ministerial work and numerous offices, he has been much on the lecture platform, where he is very popular. He is now in the full vigor and prime of manhood, and engaged in labors abundant. He has been twice married—first, on March 13th, iS66, to Lucy Mulholland, of Troy, and, on May 4th, 1574, to Ada A., daughter of the late Dr. Wolverton, of Hamilton.


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