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Glenliyrst, Brantford, Ont.,

born in that city on September 2nd, 1547. He is a son of the late W. H. Stratford, for many years one of Brantford's leading -,vholesale merchants. Mr. Stratford received his education at the public schools Brantford, but the business instinct seems to have been born in him, and his father took him from school at the early age of thirteen, making him one of his commercial travellers. For twenty-two years Joseph was on the road, and did a great deal toNv,ard building up the extensive business of the house. In 1569

he succeeded his brother, John H., in the management of his father's business. In the year 1575 his father re-tired, leaving the entire business in his hands, and it has so continued. In addition to his large wholesale drug business, 'Ir. Stratford has had other outlets for his energies. He holds the position of captain and quarter-master in 38th Battalion Dufferin Rifles, is a meznber of Doric Masonic Lodge 121, Sons of England Salisbury Lodge 42, and Ancient Order United Workmen No. 71. In 18Si he built the beautiful structure known as Stratford's Opera House, a perfect gem of architectural beauty. He also took over single-handed Brant-ford Curling and Skating Rink, an acre of ice under cover, systematizing and making one of the finest rinks in America. Both of these enterprises were subsequently organized into j oint stock companies, of which

he has ever since been the president.

At the death of his brother, he succeed-

ed to the Board of Managers of the

John H. Stratford Hospital for life, a

position generally acknowledged well

held. Since that time he has been an-

nually elected president of the Board.

He is now (iSgi) retiring from mercatl-

tile business, being interested in three

of the largest stock farms in Ontario.

Mr. Stratford married, May 24, 1,981,

Mary E. Killinaster, daughter of B.

Killmaster, Esq., of Port Rowan, and

with their six children they occupy that

beautiful home, known as "Glenhyrst,"

about i% Z miles from the city.


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