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The LATE JOHN H. STRATFORD was born May 13th, 1S40, at Oswego, N.Y., died at Brant-ford, Out., February 12th, i MS. He moved to Brant-ford at an early age with his parents, and until his death made that city his home, contributing largely to its wonderful prosperity. He received his education at Brantford's original Gram-mar School under Mr. Tyner. After leaving school lie went to Montreal to complete his education «with the old established firm of Messrs. Carter, Kerry & Co., wholesale druggists. Returning to Brantford, he took charge of his father's retail drug business, which eventually developed into an extensive wholesale trade. In the year iS69 he retired to give place to his brothers, Joseph and Charles, and entered into partnership with Mr. Henry Yates under the title of Messrs. Yates & Stratford. This firm did

for years an enormous business with many of the railways and largest corporations in the country. In connection -,vitb Messrs. Nicholson 8-- Chisholm (Stratford, Nicholson & Chisholm), the entire Air Line of the G.W.R. from Simcoe to Glencoe was completed. The contract price -was $qoo,000, and the work was finished in nine months. After this he spent some years in Europe to recuperate his health. On returning to Canada he identified himself with certain large interests, and continued in active business to the time of his death. In the year 1SS5 he erected a monument to his memory that will

never be forgotten, and placed Brant-ford under a great debt of gratitude, in the erection and donation to the city- of the John H. Stratford Hospital. This is a beautiful and substantial edifice, erected upon an elevation overlooking the city, furnished and fully equipped with the latest appurtenances constituting a modern hospital. Since its opening in February, 1S85, by Lieutenant-Governor Robinson, it has proved all unspeakable blessing to the city and to the County of Brant as well. '-\ Ir. Stratford was married in 1 S6S to Sarah Juson Harris, of Toronto, who still survives him.


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