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W ILLIAM McCabe, LL.B., of

Toronto, Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Great Britain and Ireland, London, Eng., Fellow of the Statistical Society- of Great Britain, was born at Picton, Ont., in iS4i. He was educated at the Grammar School, and applied himself with such persistent energy that, at a eery early age, he obtained a certificate. So successful was he in the teaching profession, that lie soon occupied the position of principal of one of the leading high schools in the Dominion, and was elected president of the Provincial Teachers' Association.   Many gentlemen occupy-

ing prominent positions ill

Canada were students under

him. While teaching, he

gave considerable attention

to law, and spent some tune

in one of the leading offices

ill Toronto, and also took

the LL.B. degree. He then

turned his attention to the

higher branches of mathe-

matics, studying under Prof.

Cherrimali, -who was the

first superintendent of in-

surance in Canada. Becoiii-

ing greatly interested in life

insurance, the subject of

our sketch removed to the

United States to follow that

profession, and in a short

time was promoted to super-

intendent of agencies of a

prolililieiltcolilpally. Ill 1,S70

lie returned to Canada to

take the management of the

Confederation Life. After

spending three years in that

position and starting that

company on its successful

career, he resigned and spent

some time travelling abroad.

After receiving further

honors and degrees in F,ngland, he returned to Canada, and is uow managing-director of the North American Life Assurance Company, Toronto, which ranks among the leading substantial and trustworthy- companies iii Canada. Mr. McCabe- has been connected %N-ith many prominent institutions in Toronto, among others having been president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, besides being a Fellow. In religion he is an F;piscopalian. He is a Mason of high standing, having received his 32nd degree, and is Past District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada.


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