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D.D., Toronto, -%vas born on
r, November 16th, 1834, at
Summit, Lancashire, England. He re-
ceived his early education in England
in the 'Methodist College, and com-
pleted his theological course at Con-
cord, New Hampshire, U.S.A. He
began active life as apprentice to civil
engineering, at which he worked three
years, when he decided to enter the
ministry and gave himself up to study.
On January 16th, 1 S5o, he -%vas licensed
to preach in the Primitive Methodist
Church of England, with which body
he remained fire years, until his com-

ing to Canada in 1855. He

then joined the Methodist

Episcopal Church, and was

first stationed at Hamilton.

After this lie again attended

college, taking advanced

studies in theology. After

graduating, lie preached at

Goderich for one year, and

then spent a year travelling

oil the continent of Europe.

On his return he was sta-

tioned at Orono and Belle-

ville, remaining in the latter

place nine rears. Here, ill

addition to the work of the

pastor, he acted as professor

of Oriental Languages in

Albert College. From Belle-

ville he went to Brooklyn,

N.Y., where he joined the

Congregational denomina-

tion, and, after remaining

there eight years, he ac-

cepted a call to the Bond

Street Church, Toronto,

where he has now been

eleven years. His labors

in Toronto have been at-

tended with great success.

--   The church has now a mem-

bership of over eight huiidred, and is largely attended, especially in the evening services, when Dr. Wild's eloquence attracts numbers from all parts of the city. As a lecturer and platform speaker he is as popular as in the pulpit. He was chairman of the Congregational Union in Canada for 1889 and 1S9o, and takes an active interest in all matters appertaining to the denomination. Dr. Wild was married August 15th, 1559, to Mary Victoria Hixson, of Bronte, Ontario. Dr. Wild's Sunday evening sermons are published weekly in the Advance, and have a very large circulation in Ontario.


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