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Alex Millard, undertaker, 347 Yonge street, Toronto, is a descendant of a Welsh family, who, in the year 162o, emigrated with the" Pilgrim Fathers" to the United States. In iSo5 his great-grandfather, Timothy Millard, who was residing in Pennsylvania, emigrated to Canada and settled where the town of Newmarket now is, and built the first frame house there. The subject of our sketch was born at New-market, Out., on March 9th, 1832. He is the second son of Joseph Millard, J.P., of that town, who has been in the furniture and niidertak

ing business there for many

years. He received his

education at Newmarket

and at Toronto Business

College. At the age of

ei;liteen he took a position

in his father's business, and

in 1373 was admitted into partnership. Iii December,

iSSo, he retired from the

firm of 1\Iillard 8_- Co. and

started business in Newmarket on his own account. There he remained until ISS4, when he removed to Toronto to assume the position of assistant to the late John Young, and remained with him until his death in TSS,~. He then purchased the business of his late em-plover, and carries it on still under t .ie name of John Young. Mr. Millard has made a special study of the art of embalining, and is thoroughly posted in all the most approved metliods for the care and preservation of the dead. At the same time he has not lost sight of the importance of having all work done on thoroughly sanitary principles. Since

the organization of the Undertaker's Association of Ontario, he has always taken an active part in the work of the same, and in 1339 was elected one of three members of the legislative committee of the Association, and still holds that position, and in iS90 was placed on the Board of Examiners of the above Association. In iS9o, and again in zS9i, he was elected president of the City Undertaker's Association, which office he filled with marked ability. In the latter year was appointed on the committee to establish a School of Organic Chemistry and Embalmin- in the cite of Toronto.


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