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Niagara Falls, Ont., was born
'~_-j June 28th, ISIS, at Gibraltar.
His father was Color-Sergeant John
Butler Jones, of the 14th Foot, who
served in the battle of Waterloo. Mr.
Jones received his education at a private
school in Reading, Eng., and at a
boarding school at Feversham, Eng.
At the age of fourteen he was appren-
ticed to the plastering trade, and after-
wards to that of bricklaying. He then
carried on business as a builder in
England. Coming to Canada in 1854
he settled at Niagara Falls, where he
engaged in the same trade. In 1879 he

commenced the manufacture of brick, which he still carries on extensively. He was tN%-o years a Councillor and four years a ~~7ater Commissioner. He was for fire years respectively in the volunteer force and in the fire brigades. He was also a member of the band for several years. 'Ir. Jones belongs to the Church of England, and has been Church Warden silice iSS9. In politics he is a Conservative. He was married December 12th, 1841, to Elizabethi Jones, and after her death he married Elizabeth Ann Cook, whose mother was the first white female child born at Queenston, Out.



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