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McENTEE, parish priest of
_, Port Colborne and NN'elland,
Ont., was born in Rochester, N.Y.,
U.S.A., in the year 1847. Father
McEntee received his education at St.
:Michael's College, Toronto, w1lich he
entered in 186o, and the Grand Semi-
nary, Montreal, in 1867. He was or-
dained priest October 18th, 1870, in
St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto, by
Archbishop Lynch, being the firs,
priest ordained by His Grace after
he became Archbishop. He was first
appointed assistant at St. Paul's, To-
ronto, November 1st, where he remained

four months, after which he filled the Thorold appointment for eight months, when. he again returned as assistant to St. Paul's. In March, 1872, he was appointed parish priest of Dixie, where he remained fire years, when he was transferred to Uxbridge. In October, 1877, he received charge of the parish of Oshawa and Whitby, where he remained over twelve years. He was then transferred on January 24th, 1890, to his present charge, Port Colborne and Welland. During his ministry he has paid off about $20,000 parochial debts. He is chairman of the School Board in Port Colborne.


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