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W.M.K. SNiker

familiarly knoNvii as Conductor Snider, was born on the ist of 'Marcli, 1852, in Trafalgar toNN-nship, County of Halton, Out. He was educated at the public schools, the Grammar School, Guelph, and at Walker's Academv, of that city. At a very early age lie commenced his railway career as a uewsbov on the late Great Western Railway, and has occupied the positions of brakesmaii,baggageman, freight train conductor, and for many years past that of passenger conductor, all of which lie filled with satisfaction to the railway company and pleasure to the travelling public. Althougli born of Godly parents, acid nurtured in a Christian home, he led a wordly life for liiaiiy years after commencing work as a railway man, but his wife, being- a Christian, ceased not during 11 this time to 11 for the

a   p y

conversion of her husband,

and, after eleven Hears of patient waiting and pleading before God, Conductor Snider responded to the Spirit's call, was converted, and commenced his now Nvell-kilmvil career of usefulness. His conversion \N-as most genuine. Witli liini old things did indeed pass away and all things became new. He never grows weary of speaking in public or private of this, the greatest event of his life, and especially desires that this sketch shall give all possible prominence to this crowliiiig blessing, for lie is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, m-hich has been the power of God unto his salvation. From that memorable morn-

iii,, in his owil home in the towli of Palmerston, -\vhen lie took upon him the Master's yoke, until now, he has not ceased to tell " the old, old story," with marked effect. The Conductor has occupied the pulpits of the largest churches in Methodism from Windsor to Montreal, and many are the trophies that have been -\v-on for Christ as a result of his earnest and pungent appeals. The G.T.R. have courteously arranged his route so that lie can give all possible time to evangelistic work. Mr. Snider m-as married February 1 nth, 1876, to Miss Charlotte Milne, daughter of Thos. 'Milne, of Fergus, Out.


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