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1/IEN or CANADA.   283


   Guelph, Out., was born Jnly 9th, i85o,   m

cubent Designate of the Church

   at Suhl, Germany, his parents being   of the Ascension, Paisley, Out.,

natives of that country. He received his edu-

cation at the public schools of Waterloo, Out. At an early age he entered a general store as clerk, where he remained seven years. He then went to Kansas, L..S.A., where he remained three years. After this lie returned to Canada and started business in Harriston, Out., which he carried on for six years. In 1,S79 he removed to Guelph, and started a dry goods business, which he still carries on extensively in all its branches. 'Ir. Bollert is a member of the Methodist Church, and has for eight years been a delegate to the Annual Conference. He is also a member of the Quarterly Board, and for a number of years has been Sunday School Superintendent. He has been a member of the School Board for four years, is president of the Guelph Branch of the Dominion Building c"', Loan Association, and connected with other institutions. He is also a member of the Toronto Board of Trade. In politics lie is an active Reformer.

,vas born in" exford County, Ireland, on the 9th of November, 1852. Haring received his early education at the local primary schools, he entered in 1869 the Church of Ireland Educational Institute, Dublin. Graduating in 1872, he engaged in tutorial work till 1877, when he entered St. Bees' Theological College, Cumberland, Eng. Haring returned to Ire-land, he, in 18 7 9, entered upon evangelistic work under the auspices of the National Church. Resolving to take holy orders, he removed to Liverpool in 1884 in order to qualify himself in practical pastoral work, and to this end he engaged as lay assistant in the important parish of St. Clement. Mr. Corbett arrived in Canada in 1889, but, before locating, he undertook a five month's missionary tour through the States of Wyoming and Idaho. Returning the following year, he was ordained by the Right Rev. M. S. Baldwin, D.D., and appointed to his late incumbency, St. John's Church, Dundalk.


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