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C 4


Street Methodist Church, Lou-
don, Out., was born 6th of
December, TS3 7 , at St. George, Ont.
Ile received his education at the public
schools and by private study. He ob-
tained a second-class certificate at the
age of seventeen, on which he taught
school for a time. In 1856 he was
received on probation in the old
Wesleyan Conference. Before ordiiia-
tion he travelled the following circuits :
St. Marv's, Mitchell, Goderich and
Stratford. He was ordained in iMo,
and since has served the church at
Woodstock, Georgetown, Galt, Franklin

Centre, One., Mount Forest, Out., Wellington, Kemptville, Farmersville, Pakenhani, Gaitanoque, Stanstead, One., and Montreal Fifth Church. llr. Bond has been secretary- and financial secretary of Districts, chairman of the Stand-stead District and secretary- of the Mont-real Conference. He was a representative of the General Conference of zS7S, ISS2, iSS6 and iSgo. He tool: a leading part in the advocacy- of Methodist Union. Alr. Bond was married on the TSth of June, TS74, to Jane, daughter of George Sanderson, Esq., of Kemptville. They- have a family of fire children.


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