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of ~" indsor, Out., sou of the late
Alfred Laing, of Cambeswell,
Eng., -,vas born in Toronto in the year
IS56. He received his early education
in London, and continued it at Port
Hope. He afterwards attended the
Detroit College of Medicine one year.
Ia IS75 he passed successfully in the
School of Pharmacy. He then com-
menced business -, ith the late Thomas
C. Sutton, -%vhere lie remained a number
of rears, xvheu he was taken into the
business as a partner. After this for
some time lie carried oil business alone.
In ISSN lie entered into partnership

with H. O. Fleming, and the firm is now doing a successful business, running two stores in Windsor and doing a large -,wholesale trade. Mr. Laing in religion is all Episcopalian, and is church warden. Since ISSS he has been senior lieutenant in the 2lst Essex Fusiliers. He belongs to the I.O.O.F., and also to the A.O.U.AV. He has been agent of the Canada Life Assurance Company for tell years, and is secretary-treasurer of the Dominion Building and Loan Company. He was married on the 23rd of January, ISS9, to Edith J. D., daughter of the late W. Benson, Collector of Customs, Windsor.


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