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ford, Clerk of the County

Court, Local Registrar of the High Court of Justice, and Registrar of the Surrogate Court for the County of Perth, was born April 25th, 1821, in Nissouri township, Middlesex County. Here he received his earlv education, and afterwards attended London Gramtiiar School and private schools. He commenced life as a farmer and continued that vocation until the age of twenty-eight, when he commenced the study of lath with the late James Daniell, of London. In due time lie passed his examinations as attorney-at

lath, and began his profession at St. Mary's in iS55. He remained there until zS66, when he was appointed Clerk of the County Court by the late Sir John A. Macdonald. He then re-moved to Stratford, and has since occupied that honorable position as well as the other important offices mentioned above. Mr. MacFaddett is an adherent of the Presbyterian Church. He be-longs to the Masonic Brotherhood, being a Past Master of St. James Lodge, St. Mary's, and a chaplin of Stratford Lodge for many years. He was married January 19th, i86o, to Catherine A. 1\IcLean, of Brockville.


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