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LOUIS J. BREITHAUPT, Berlin Out., was
born in 1855 in Buffalo, N.Y., from -%N-ltence
he came to Canada. His father was
very prominent in business and municipal circles,
and mayor of Berlin at the time of his death in
1880. --%Ir. Breithaupt was married in ISSI to
Emma Alvarene, daughter of ex-Mayor Devitt,
of Waterloo, Out. He was educated at Berlin
and Toronto, and is now engaged in the tanning
business, (which trade he learnt practically),
being president of the Breithaupt Leather Com-
pany, Limited, who have extensive establish-
ments in Berlin and Penetanguishene, Out. He
was seven years a member of the town Council,
three years in the County Council, and two years
mayor—being the youngest mayor Berlin has
had. He is president of the Ontario Bark Com-
pany, Limited, of the Berlin Gas Company,
and is also connected -,%-ith other ntanufactur-
in- enterprises in Berlin. He is a school trustee,
and has recently been unanimously elected
president of the Board of Trade. Mr. Breithaupt
is an active member of the German

   Bt . RICHARD W. E. GREENE, L.T.,   Evangelical Church, and is ever ready to

   Incumbent of St. James Church, Orillia,   promote its welfare.

and Canon of St. Alban's Cathedral, Toronto, Out., was born June 26th, 1848, at Roseland, Port Nelson, Halton County, Ont. He studied for matriculation with his father, the Rev. Dr. Greene, and afterwards spent fire years at Trinity College, Toronto, where he obtained the Cameron scholarship, and afterwards took the degree of L.T. He was one of the volunteers in the Fenian Raid, and present at the skirmish at Ridgeway. He was ordained deacon June 18th, I, 7I, and appointed to the new mission of Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay. In 1872 he was ordained to the priesthood in St. James Cathedral, and put in charge of the mission at Byng Inlet. He next served St. James Cathedral as second curate for thirteen years, associated with Dean Grasett, Dr. Rainsford and Canon Dumoulin. From Toronto he went to Weston, and after two years moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Then returning to Canada, accepted his present appointment. He was married August 4th, 1875, to Elizabeth Dallas, daughter of Rev. Canon Sanson, Toronto.

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