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priest of Dunnville, Ont., was born it

the parish of Slane, County a Meath, Ireland, in the year 1858. He receive( his education in St. Finian's Seminary, Navan County of Meath, Ireland, St. Michael's College Toronto, and finally at the Grand Seminary Montreal. He calve to Canada at the age o sixteen, and was one of a number of student, who accompanied the late lamented Bishol Crinion, of Hamilton, when he went to Irelanc for students. Father Crinion was first appointee as curate of St. John's Church, Arthur, Welling ton County. Afterwards the became curate o St. Basil's Church, Brantford, where he remainec three years. He was then appointed as the firs' resident pastor of the church in Dunnville, when he stilt labors. Since his appointment to Dunn ville he has built an exceedingly handsome church and residence, which are not only a credit to the congregation, but are ornaments to the town. During his Brantford curacy he was

chairman and treasurer of the Separate

School Board, and much esteemed by all   WII,I,IAM NEIL, Flesherton, Ont., eldest

who knc~v him. ♦ son of the late Charles Neil, of the

Isle of Man, was born at the latter place in 1831. He spent his earlier years upon farms until 185o, when he left for New York, and afterwards re-moved to Rochester. He then attended the public school for six months, this being the only regular education that Mr. Neil received. Leaving Rochester, he came with friends to Port Darlington, Ont., who took up a farm near Bowmanville, and remained working with then some six years. After some years spent in that neighborhood, he removed to Flesherton, and bought a bush farm, which he cleared and sold in 1881, when he settled upon his present property in the village of Flesherton and retired from agricultural pursuits. Mr. Neil was married in 1861 to Martha, daughter of the late Wm. Nay, Esq., County of Durham. He is a Conservative in politics, and a member of the Presbyterian Church, and an elder of the same. His whole life has been characterized by careful industry and patient perseverance, and his uniform integrity fully entitles him to the high esteem in which he is held.




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