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CRINNON, D.D., Bishop of

Hamilton, Out., was born in 1820 in the parish of Collon, County Louth, Ireland. He studied classics, philosophy and the sciences in his native land, and, after coming to Canada in 185o, prosecuted his theological studies at the Grand Seminary, Montreal, where he was ordained deacon. In the year 1854 he was ordained priest by Bishop De Charbonnel ill Toronto, and -vas immediately sent to London as assistant priest. Shortly after he was appointed parish priest, and was for many years one of the only three priests in

what was then known as the Huron tract. In the year 188 he was transferred to Stratford, where, much beloved and esteemed, he remained for sixteen years—up to the time of his elevation as Bishop to the See of Hamilton, of -~vhicli he was consecrated Bishop in St. Joseph's, Stratford, on the 19th of April, 18i4, in presence of an immense congregation, twenty arch-bishops and bishops—five of -\vhoni were classmates—and fifty priests. During his incumbency in Stratford, the present beautiful church was built, and the priest's house, both of which he left free from debt. His first official act as Bishop of Hamilton was to go to Ire-land to secure additional priests or students. He succeeded in securing three priests and eleven students, of whom the present parish priest of Dunnville, Rev. J. E. Crinion, was one. His reign

of eight rears was remarkable for adntinistrative ability and foresight. St. Patrick's Church, Hamilton, is a monument to his zeal, as well as the farm of seventy-five acres, known as " Rock Bay," now of almost priceless value as a cemetery,—the site chosen for the present St. Lawrence Church. He died November 25, 1882, in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S., where he had gone in the hope of recovering his failing health. The priests and people of the diocese of Hamilton, his faithful and beloved parishioners in Stratford, etc., etc., sincerely- mourn his loss and cherish his memorv.


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