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J AMES AUSTIN, president of the Dominion Bank, Toronto, Out., was born in the year i S z 3 in the County of Armagh, Ire-land. His parents were John and Jane Marks Anstiu. He received his early education at the public schools of his native place. His parents came to Canada when lie was in his sixteenth year, and lie -was apprenticed to the printing trade for four years. During the time he was serving his apprenticeship, he was constant in his attendance at the night schools. After completing his apprenticeship, he worked as a journeyman printer in various

parts of Canada and the United States
for ten years. In the year 1,944 he
entered into partnership with Patrick
Foy in the wholesale and retail grocery
business. This partnership existed for
sixteen years, during which time the
firm carried on a very extensive busi-
ness. Upon the dissolution of the part-
nership, Mr. Austin retired from active
business, and shortly after became in-
terested in various financial institutions.
In IS7z he founded the Dominion
Bank and became its president, which
position he still holds. He is also pre-
sident of the Consumers' Gas Co.,
Toronto, besides being president and
vice-president of several ili-
surance companies, and
































-   I

chairman of the Canadian Board of the North of Scot-land Canadian Mortgage Co. Mr. Austin, in politics, belongs to the Reform party, but has never taken an active part in political campaigns. In the truest sense of the -word, lie is a self-made man, having attained his present prominent position and circumstances by indomitable energy and perseverance. He received a limited education in youth, but fired -with ambition and a thirst for knowledge, he prosecuted his studies alone and at night schools, while serving his apprenticeship, thus educatilig and fitting himself for the higher callings of life. Step by step he reached his present position, and is now one of Toronto's most highly esteemed and respected citizens. He married, in 1,944, Miss Susan Bright, by whom he has three children living-.

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