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born in Devon, Eng., on the

4th of July, ISz4. His parents came to Canada in IS34, and after a vear's residence near St. Thomas, re-moved to Hamilton, where for nearly sixty years the family has taken an active interest in the growth and prosperity of that city. He was educated at the Gore District Grammar School, Hamilton, and Victoria College, and in IS48 he entered his father's wholesale and retail drug business, and for nearly forty years the firm of T. Bickle Son had a wide reputation throughout Western Ontario. Of late _lIr. Bickle has been in the brokerage

business, which he has car-

ried on successfully. From   I earliest years hewas an active member in the Methodist Church, and was especially interested in Sabbath School work. In IS39 was appointed a teacher, then secretary, and in iS5o a superintendent, and for thirty-nine years gave the earnest efforts of the prime of his life to the cause he loved so well. In ISIS he united with the Central Presbyterian Church, of NN-hick he is now a member. Having the interests of the young at heart, he has naturally taken part in the cause of education, and for

some years was a member

of the Public School Board. The operation of the Hainil-

toii Bible Society early en-gaged his attention, and he

is one of the oldest members of the committee, and

has been its treasurer for

the past twenty years. The charities of the-

he city have

found in him a zealous friend, one ready to give his time with untiring devotion to promote their welfare. As a member of the advisory committee of " The Infants' Home," as the secretary-treasurer of " Trustees of the Girls' Home," and as secretary-treasurer of "Trustees of Hamilton Orphan Asylum," he has proved him-self a judicious counsellor and faithful guardian of the trusts committed to his keeping. He was married on the 12th of September, IS4S, to Mary Proudfoot, eldest daughter of the late Robert Johnston, Esq., of " Annandale," near Grafton, Ont.


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