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Out., was born oil the 7th of
November, 1833, at Unst, all island on
the coast of Scotland, and came with
his parents to Hamilton in 1837. He
was educated under the late Dr. Tassie.
As a boy lie was noted for his strength,
skill and activity in all outdoor sports
and games. At the age of sixteen he
entered as apprentice in '1cQuesteii &
Co.'s iron works, where he soon became
so skillful that the foreman frequently
took his work and exhibited it to jour-
neymen, asking them why they did not
do their work as creditably as all ap-
prentice. At the close of Ills apprentice-

ship, a rheumatic affection caused him
to abandon the iron business and take a
course in Oberlin College, Ohio, where
lie graduated, and subsequently a
course at the Eastman Business Col-
lege, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. He then
became connected with the public
schools in Hamilton, and remained in
them from 1858 to 1S67, -when he went
into business. Mr. Bruce is a many-
sided man, possessing the mechanical
and artistical faculties in as eminent
degree. Whether it is in mechanical
drawing, designing, engrossing and
illuminating as a professional, or as an
amateur in water colors, oil painting,
amateur photography, or
public reading, he excels in





























all. At the present he is engaged in making plans and specifications of new inventions, and engrossing and illuminating. He has executed an immense amount of this class of work for nearly every country in the world. Many eminent personages possess samples of his illuminating work, among whom may be mentioned Her Majesty Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales, the Empress of Germany, the Marquis of Lorne, Lord Dufferin and many others. Mr. Bruce was married on the 1st of March, 1555, to Jeanette Blair, a lady remarkable for mental and physical activity. The rising Canadian artist, W. Blain Bruce, is his son, and Bella C. Bruce, his daughter, both of whom are studying art in Rome at present. He is a member of the Central Presbvterian Church.


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