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Catharines, Out., -vas born oil
the 2nd of December, 1S.57,
at Brantford. He received his educa-
tion at the public schools and Collegiate
Institute there, and at Spurgeon's
Pastors' College, London, Elig. He
learned the business of a printer, and
for some time was foreman of the press-
room of the Brantford Ei:Jositor. He
also worked in Buffalo on the Conznzcr-
cial 1-Idzwi-tiscr. He was converted
in 1574 during the revival held in
Brantford by Farley, and commenced
Christian work immediately in connec-
tion with Y .M.C. A., preaching in the

jail, distributing tracts, etc. He was raised a Methodist, but changing his views oil the subject of baptism, he joined the Baptist denomination, and united with the First Baptist Church, Brantford. In 1S77 he felt called to the ministry- and gave up his business to take a theological course. The late John Harris, of Brantford, recognizing his call to the ministry, generously offered to bear the expense of his education, including a three years' course in England. While in England lie be-came temporary pastor of two churches. Returning- to Canada in zSSi, lie went to Plattsville, where he remained one

year, when lie received a

call to Portage la Prairie,

Man. He was pastor of the

church there fire years and

secretary of the Manitoba

Baptist Missions. Return-

ing to Ontario, lie was t- wo

years at St. George, when

he received a pressing invi-

tation to the Queen Street

Baptist Church, St. Catha-

rines, his present cliarge,

which he accepted, much to

the regret of the people at

St. George. Notwithstand-

ing the great disastrous fire,

the burning of the church

to the ground, one year

after removing to this charge

under his leadership and

inspiration, the congrega-

tion, with commendable

energy, immediately set to

work and erected a large

and beautiful edifice, and

the church is now in a

prosperous condition, both

spiritually and financially.

He was married on the

17th of January-, 1882,

to Miss Ada Stubbs, of



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