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270   1VIF_N 017 CANADA.


Harriston, Out., -\vas born 'May I 4th, '__j 1823, at Bonds Lake, York County. His parents were natives of Duinfrieshire, Scotland. He was educated at the public schools. At an early age he was apprenticed to the carriage manufacturing business, and in 1843 started business on his own account as carriage builder, etc. In i8,5o he purchased a saw mill and began the manufacture of lumber, and also engaged extensively in farming. In 1864 he turned his attention to dentistry and began the practice of his profession in Drayton. In addition to his office in Harriston, he has an office in Elora, \N-hich is carried on by his daughter, Mrs. Grigg, who was the first woman in Ontario to practice dentistry. She has been associated kith her father in this profession for eighteen years. Mr. Gordon has a son also practicing dentistry at Teeswater. It is needless to say that, being a pioneer, and having two children graduates of dentistry, he stands at the head of his profession. He was married in ISa3 to Elizabeth, daughter of Josepli Heaslip.


Out., ivas born in the year 1,S44, at

Mallow, County of Cork, Ireland. He received his education at the University of Toronto, where he was a medalist and took high honors. He came to Canada in i 8 jo, and resided for longer or shorter periods at Belleville, Kingston and Picton. He studied for the Presbyterian ministry, and after completing his course, was for several years settled at Millbank, Perth County, -\v°here he rendered efficient service, and was exceedingly popular as a preacher and a platform speaker in the surrounding county. He was then appointed on the Collegiate Institute staff in Stratford, and in i890 accepted the position of head master of the Dunnville High School, which he has filled with advantage to the pupils and satisfaction to all concerned. 7-\Ir. Croly is a member of the Board of Management of the Presbyterian Church, superintendent of the Sabbath School, and director of the Mechanics Institute. In politics he is a Conservative. His wife died a few years ago, leaving one son and two daughters.


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