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Rev. WM. M Teeple pastor
the Dlethodist Church, Trod-,
Ont., is the son of the late
W. H. Teeple, of Jerseyyille, Ottt., and
was born at that place on the Sth of
November, IS54- He is of U. E.
Loyalist stock, his grandfather com-
ing to this courntry from the United
States on account of his loyalty to old
England just after the revolutionary
Near and settled in the township of
Nelson, Halton Cottnty. Mr. Teeple
was educated at the public schools, and
is also a graduate of Hamilton Com-
mercial College. In his twenty-first
year he was converted and joined the

M.E. Church in Canada. He -%vas received as a probationer at the Conference held at St. Thomas in IS77. He pursued his theological and other studies with such energy and success that he was ordained deacon ill 1,S79 and elder in iSSi. Before the latter lie was on the following circuits : Tapley-town, Beverly, Norwich and Malahide. After ordivatiou he served the following circuits : Bleniteini, Seafortlh, Canboro and Caviiga. As a preacher, Mr. Teeple has all easy delivery, free from the mannerisms that depreelate the value of marry ad-dresses. His sermons are thoughtful acid sufficiently racy to hold the unflagging attention of the congregation. barge additions to the membership and new churches are to be found oil the circuits he has travelled, and he is beloved by all those under his pastoral care. The ministers who follow him find all the in-

terests of the church well looked

after, both materially and spiritually.

He will doubtless take a leading

place in the church of his choice.

He is also an enthusiastic temperance

worker, and has done good work ill this

connection. At Seaforth the temper-

attce societies, as a mark of apprecia-

tion of his worth, entertained hint at a

public dinner, and on that occasion

presented hint Nyith a flattering illttnii-

nated address and a well filled purse.

Mr. Teeple was married on the 28tlt

of July, iMo, to Miss Ida Lyttes,

daughter of the late Thomas Lyres,

of Norwich.


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